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Franktown Meadows offers excellent services for every horse and owner.

There are many options for stall boarding at Franktown Meadows:

  • 12x12 Box Stalls with 12x24 Outdoor Runs

  • 12x12 Box Stalls

  • 12x16 Box Stalls with 12x24 Outdoor Runs

  • Pipe Shelters


Each stall comes with an adjacent private tack locker, 1.5 inch rubber mats, fresh water, daily cleaning, shavings, three times per day feeding, grain program, and blanketing.


Franktown Meadows also offers pasture boarding, with two separate pastures for mares and geldings. Both of these beautiful grass pastures include a shelter and feeding twice a day in the winter.  These pastures offer a wonderful life for your retired or rehabbing horse.

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Our guaranteed hay supply is the best quality and is always stored inside to maintain a top-quality feeding program.


We offer a number of comprehensive boarding packages tailored to suit your horse’s needs.

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